welcome to our new web-site!

Today (9th October), the Trust launched our new web-site. It is actually the same web-site content, but in a different format. This format is ‘mobile responsive’, which means that the web-site can now be visited and viewed as easily on a smartphone or mobile ‘phone as on a computer, laptop or tablet.

We first launched the web-site in 2009. The very first item was posted by Trust director Philip on the 18th April 2009, and it was titled ‘Lottery bid setback for Roman circus’. Since then, the blog has tracked new discoveries on the site of the Roman circus, the Trust’s move into the former NAAFI of the Artillery (Le Cateau) Barracks of the old Colchester garrison, and the progress of our Roman circus visitor centre and tea room from their inception and right up to the present day – and they are, of course, currently closed for the winter break, with two programmes of public lectures being held here at the Roman circus visitor centre by the Colchester Archaeological Group and Colchester Recalled. The blog has also presented items on the work of the Trust’s archaeological field unit.

On this new web-site, the main feed in the middle of the home page is News items. There are two menus, and these are situated above and below the header image at the top of the home page. You can access the Blog feed via the tab in the upper menu. The News and Blog feeds will continue as before and present, we hope, all our news items and blog posts about the Roman circus visitor centre and the work of the Trust for your interest and information. The web-site still includes the blog of the Colchester Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) under the tab ‘kids’ zone’.

We have updated the banner image on the home page, and this shows the Roman circus visitor centre and the Trust’s HQ on the 10th October ’17.

The new web-site is still under construction, so please bear with us for the next few days…

We hope that you like our new web-site! Please let us know what you think – you can email us via our ‘Contact details’ web-page.

Our Roman circus visitor centre web-site is still at www.romancircus.co.uk/ .

The image shows the home pages of our old web-site and the new web-site on a smartphone.