the ‘Antiques road trip’ comes to the Roman circus visitor centre!











Today (6th July), an ‘Antiques road trip’ production crew came to film the detour part of a special celebrity edition here at the Roman circus visitor centre! The crew consisted of antiques expert Roo Irvine and Dominic, the producer/cameraman, with a celebrity guest, the paralympian Danny Crates. Danny lives in this part of Essex and, as he is a former sprinter, the Roman circus visitor centre was chosen as a filming location because the Roman circus was, of course, a venue for racing. It would have been used mostly for chariot-racing, but horse races and athletics may also have been presented here. During his athletics career, Danny won five gold medals at the 800m sprint, in which he also holds the world record set at the AAA Championships in 2004: he is now a motivational speaker and television commentator and personality.

The ‘Antiques road trip’ crew filmed inside and outside the Roman circus visitor centre, in the chariot room and in the large room inside, and at the Roman circus starting-gates and our circus walkway outside. Our Roman circus super-model featured, and Trust director Philip also got in on the filming… We won’t reveal the surprise finale of their detour to the Roman circus visitor centre!

We are delighted that the ‘Antiques road trip’ made their detour to the Roman circus visitor centre and thank them for their interest in the site of the Colchester Roman circus.
Look out for the Roman circus visitor centre episode of the ‘Antiques road trip’ on BBC 1!

Visit the Antiques road trip web-site at .

The image shows Trust director Philip with Dominic, Danny and Roo on our Roman circus walkway today, standing beneath the seating-stand profile and its new seated spectators.