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The Colchester Archaeologist is published by the Trust every year, usually around June. The magazine contains articles about the latest archaeological discoveries in and around Colchester as well as more general articles about the archaeology and history of Colchester.

The current issue of the Colchester Archaeologist is a bumper 48-page issue and costs £3.95. It is available locally in Colchester town centre in bookshops, the Colchester Castle Museum shop, and W H Smith. Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust receive a free copy as part of their membership. It can also be ordered directly from the Trust for for £5.50 including postage and packing (UK ): please ask for the charges for delivery outside the UK.

The latest edition (No 27, 2013-14) includes:

The Fenwick treasure
Half of the magazine is devoted to this quite extraordinary find. Here you will find photo.s of the newly-cleaned gold and silver jewellery, the silver coins, and the little silver jewellery box which held, among other things, the pair of pearl earrings and the five gold finger-rings. Extracts from the dig diary culminate with the moment of its discovery. There, buried in the shallowest of holes dug under the floor of a house, lay the precious possessions of a Roman family facing the bleakest of outlooks. Did they really think that they might see their valuables again? Who knows – but certainly they didn’t, for soon the gold and silver were to be buried under heaps of burnt building debris as Boudicca ruthlessly pursued her aim to free Britain of the Romans and their army.

The Colchester Archaeologist also contains other articles about recent work by the Trust elsewhere including the investigation of the unique (and very large) monumental arcade which once stood along the front of the Temple of Claudius in Colchester and the site of the Roman temple at St Helena School in Colchester.

Spoil heap
by Ben Holloway
a roundup of archaeological investigations over the last year

Review of the previous year’s activities of the Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust
By Brenda May (Social Secretary)


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