An extensively illustrated book about the archaeology and history of Colchester from the 1st century BC to the 12th century. (Paperback, fully illustrated in colour.)

An annual magazine aimed at the general public interested in the archaeology of Colchester. (Fully illustrated in colour.) Back issues are also available.

A series of twelve technical reports giving details of the excavations in Colchester which took place between the 1971 and 1986. (Large format, hard covers.)

A series discontinued after two editions (for the years 2001 and 2002). Each journal contains summaries of the year’s work together with some full reports about completed projects.

A large folded map detailing the archaeology of the Siege of Colchester of 1648.

A booklet about the Butt Road Roman church in Colchester.

Roman circus poster

An A1 size, full-colour poster of Colchester’s Roman circus.

Roman circus mosaic leaflet

A full-colour leaflet of the recent mosaic of Colchester’s Roman circus.