welcome to our new web-site!

Today (9th October), the Trust launched our new web-site. It is actually the same web-site content, but in a different format. This format is ‘mobile responsive’, which means that the web-site can now be visited and viewed as easily on […]

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About the Friends

About the Friends of CAT

The Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust has a membership of over 400. The purpose of the organisation is to keep interested members of the public in touch with the work of the Colchester Archaeological Trust in and around the […]

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Deep dyke

The newly-discovered dyke at Hyderabad is a major one. We reached the bottom of our section through it and is about 3m deep which is almost as deep as they come. First Roman burial found on the site today. More […]


?Trinovantian roundhouses force rethink

Camulodunum during the years leading up to the Roman conquest in AD 43 must have had a substantial population. This is obvious from its size and the discoveries over the years of contemporary burials and large quantities of broken pots […]