Anglo-Saxon warrior burials – a link with late Roman Colchester?

Archaeological excavations on the site of the Hyderabad and Meeanee barracks off Mersea Road in Colchester have revealed a number of burials including two ‘spearmen’ likely to be of Germanic, possibly Saxon, origin. The two men had each been equipped with a round shield and a spear. One of them also had a dagger held in a belt around his waist. They were laid to rest on their backs with their shields on their chests and their spears by their sides. The wooden parts of the weapons have almost completely decayed away but the ironwork (mainly shield bosses, spear heads [read more…]

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Deep dyke

The newly-discovered dyke at Hyderabad is a major one. We reached the bottom of our section through it and is about 3m deep which is almost as deep as they come. First Roman burial found on the site today. More are expected soon.