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We are the Colchester Archaeological Trust, a registered charity (no 283354) founded in 1965 to research into and promote the archaeology of Colchester. We are also a limited company (no 1578133) whose registered offices are at Roman Circus House, Roman Circus Walk, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7GZ in the UK.


The Trust is a registered archaeological organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists: please see www.archaeologists.net/ .

The Trust is made up of about 20 trustees. Some are members in their own right, others are representatives of archaeological and other bodies. The management of the Trust is delegated to the Council of Management which is elected from the Trustees. Currently the chairman of the Council of Management is Nick Wickenden MA FSA AMA and the company secretary is John Mallinson.

The Trust employs a full-time professional unit, available to provide developers and others with a full range of archaeological services required by local authorities for planning applications or planning consents. Our clients include private homeowners, landowners and developers, construction companies, local government agencies, schools, and large companies such as Fenwick, Tarmac and Taylor Wimpey.

Members of staff
The director and principal archaeologist of the Trust is Philip Crummy MA FSA MCIfA. Howard Brooks BA FSA MCIfA is the senior fieldwork archaeologist. Both are full members of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA). The Contracts Manager is Christopher Lister, Fieldwork Manager is Adam Wightman, and Post-excavation Manager is Laura Pooley. Our in-house specialists include Matt loughton, Dr Pip Parmenter and Emma Holloway.

Commercial services
The Colchester Archaeological Trust has been working in the construction industry for over 50 years. Our operational area is primarily Colchester, Essex and Suffolk where we offer the following services:

* desktop studies (desk-based assessments, heritage statements, heritage assessments, etc)
* geophysical surveys
* archaeological evaluations
* excavations
* archaeological monitoring and recording (watching briefs)
* building recording
* consultancies

Colchester Roman circus
The Trust discovered the site of the Roman circus in Colchester – the only known Roman circus in Britain – and we have set up and maintain a circus visitor centre.


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  1. Dear CAT

    I would like to obtain permissions to reproduce two images from CAT 7 report Cotter, J P, 2000 Colchester Archaeological Report 7: Post-Roman Pottery from excavations in Colchester, 1971-85, English Heritage. This is for their inclusion in a charged for publication produced by my workplace MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology), a text which will also be made open-access and online, and I require high-res digital files for each image.

    I require two images – both witch bottles illustrated in fig. 168 no.2 (page 246) and fig. 194 no.16 (pages 286 to 87) respectively in the attached article, with copyright for the report credited as CAT and English Heritage.

    Hope you can help

    Many thanks Nigel Jeffries

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