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Colchester Archaeological Trust

‘Dig uncovers Boudicca’s brutal streak’, 3rd December 2000, at

‘Photo competition to showcase Colchester’s history’, 29th March 2010, at

‘Trust’s new plan for Roman circus centre in Colchester’, 24th April 2011, at

‘Work starts on new archaeology base in Colchester’, 28th February 2012, at

‘New Roman Circus visitor centre plans unveiled’, 3rd December 2012, at

‘Experts discover new Roman graves’, 16th January 2013, at

‘Wormingford amateur archaeologists find Stone Age axe’, 4th May 2013, at

‘Collier & Catchpole rolls up to help out with Colchester’s Roman Circus’, 5th August 2013, at

‘Underground bunker mystifies archeologists’, 15th August 2013, at

‘Warrior grave found in excavation’, 16th September 2013, at and at and at

‘Warrior spearheads from Playgolf Colchester’, 16th September 2013, at

‘2,000-year-old warrior grave & spears unearthed’, 18th September 2013, at

‘Archaeological Burials in Colchester Cemetery’, April 2014, at

‘Colchester’s treasures on TV show’, 21st January 2015, at

‘Roman pottery found in a Lawford field’, 10th February 2015, at

‘Martin Newell’s Joy of Essex: A day out, a bit of history… and then a nice cup of tea and cake’, 7th April 2015, at

‘Archaeologists to search for missing ampitheatre’, 22nd June 2015, at

‘Alex brings game back from the dead’, 1st September 2015,

‘Colchester Archaeological Trust in race against time to raise funds for Roman circus chariot’, 4th December 2015, at

‘Colchester Archaeological Trust last ditch plea for donations to bid for £50,000’, 8th December 2015, at

‘Public donate £5,000 to Colchester Archaeological Trust’s Roman circus grant bid’, 14th December 2015, at

‘”Extraordinary” Roman arcade found in Colchester, 10th February 2016, at and

‘Extraordinary Roman arcade found in Colchester is “greatest find of its kind”, 10th February 2016, at

‘Enormous Roman arcade found in Essex was once part of a magnificent temple: 400ft-long arched structure is the largest of its kind found in the UK’, 10th February 2016, at

‘Remains from Britain’s largest Roman arcade from the Temple of Claudius to go on show on Saturday’, at

‘Remains of “extraordinary” Roman arcade found in Colchester’, 10th February 2016, at

‘”Largest Roman arcade” in Britain to go on show in Colchester’, 10th February 2016, at

‘Colchester’s monumental Roman arcade uncovered’, 10th February 2016, at

‘What the Romans did for Colchester’, 11th February 2016, at

‘Roman treasure hoard goes on display’, 23rd March 2016, at

‘”Fenwick Treasure”: Hoard of Roman jewellery buried to save it from Boudicca goes on display in Colchester’, 23rd March 2016, at

‘Friends, Romans, Colcestrians – enjoy a fun day at Colchester’s famous Roman circus’, 21st April 2016, at

‘Youngsters get the chance to bring Roman heritage into 21st century’, on 3rd June 2016, at bring Roman heritage into 21st century_Roman_circus/

‘Roman circus artefacts get modern do-over’, on 10th June 2016, at

Medieval inn found buried under Brentwood High Street during Costa Coffee archaeological dig, 10th August 2016, at and at


Colchester archaeology

‘Colchester: Ancient Roman wall to be lifted from dig’, 19th August 2000, at

‘Colchester: Quest for ancient temple’, 19th April 2001, at

‘Colchester: Romans’ water out of the tap?’, 22nd July 2001, at

‘Colchester: Roman graves discovered at hospital site’, 26th August 2002, at

‘Colchester: School digs up Roman tomb’, 13th September 2005, at

‘Colchester: Time team’s dig discovery’, 18th April 2007, at

‘AD 43 – Colchester, Roman Camulodunum’, 24th May 2007, on Current Archaeology web-site at

‘Dig unearths missing link to Roman town’, 13th July 2007, at

‘Ancient Roman gate discovered’, 19th March 2008, at

‘Stanway: an elite cemetery at Camulodunum’, March/April 2008, at

‘Colchester: Was town a thriving settlement in the first century BC?’, 16th January 2009, at

‘Wintry weather takes its toll on Roman walls’, 30th December 2009, at

‘Archaeologists discover 900-year-old abbey’, 22nd February 2011, at

‘Uncovered: The remains of two Roman soldiers’, 14th April 2011, at

‘Colchester dig uncovers “spearmen” skeletons’, 18th April 2011, at

‘Colchester: discovery of “hugely significant” coin hoard’, 20th May 2011, at

‘Colchester Archaeological Trust unearths English Civil War star fort’, 26th August 2011, at

‘Roman road found beneath the Stockwell Arms’, 30th July 2012, at

‘Colchester Officers’ Club rebuild under way’, 6th August 2012, at

‘Excavations to find out Colchester life – Roman style’, 11th October 2012, at

‘‘Restoration Man’ pumps £1 million into medieval restaurant’, 10th December 2012, at

‘Roman ruins to go on display as part of new restaurant’, 31st December 2012, at

‘Colchester: Archaeologists find a Roman road, bones and a well’, 23rd February 2013, at

‘Roman Colchester: burning insights’, 8th March 2013, on Current Archaeology web-site at

‘Remarkable ringfenced burials from Roman Colchester’, 8th March 2013, on Current Archaeology web-site at

‘Colchester archaeology shares in £250,000 funding boost’, 27th March 2013, at

‘Archaeology dig reveals water technology of Roman Colchester’, 8th August 2014, at

‘Colchester families’ last meal before Boadicea struck’, 22nd August 2014,

‘Colchester: Roman find of “national importance” discovered under Williams & Griffin store’, 3rd September 2014, at

‘Colchester Roman jewellery found hidden under shop’, 3rd September 2014, at

‘Hiding bling from Boudicca: Hoard of Roman jewellery buried as the queen advanced on Colchester is unearthed’, 3rd September 2014, at

‘Rare Roman treasure found in Colchester excavation’, 3rd September 2014, at

‘Unearthed, a golden Roman hoard hidden from Boadicea’s army’, 3rd September 2014, at

‘Hoard of priceless Roman bling that escaped the hands of Boudicca found under busy High St’, 3rd September 2014, at

‘Hoard of Roman Jewelry Unearthed in Colchester’, 4th September 2014, at

‘Roman jewellery found under high street in Essex’, 4th September 2014, at

‘Roman Treasure Hidden from Boudicca’s Army Discovered in Colchester’, 4th September 2014, at

‘Ancient Roman woman’s jewelry found under department store’, 5th September 2014, at

‘Colchester’s hidden Roman treasure’, 6th September 2014, at

‘Seat of fire revealed at Colchester’, 2003, at

‘Possible mansio discovered at Colchester’, November 2005, at

‘Colchester: town’s bid to preserve historical sites including Roman cemetery, castle and military camp’, 19th April 2014, at

‘Gallery: 10 things you didn’t know about Colchester’, 13th May 2014, at

‘”The greatest Roman archaeological discovery in Britain deserves to be a national tourist destination”‘, 30th November 2016, at

‘Archaeological dig off Nayland Road reveals medieval pottery industry in north Colchester’, 14th March 2017, at

‘Glass floor reveals Roman gateway at new town centre cafe’, 19th April 2017, at

‘”We must make more of the forgotten jewel in our town”: Your Gazette Letters’, 5th May 2017,

‘PICTURES: Mummified rats and historic artefacts found at Jacks in St Nicholas Street go on display’, 26th May 2017, at

‘Experts wowed after discovery of preserved Roman circus entrance and bone of tiny horse’, 19th June 2017, at

‘REVEALED: The exhibit set to be opened on the remains of Britain’s largest Roman arcade’, 29th June 2017, at


Colchester Roman circus

‘Builders find chariot race track’, 5th January 2005, at

‘Roman chariot-racing arena is first to be unearthed in Britain’, 5th January 2005, at

‘Colchester: Experts say track is one of a kind’, 6th January 2005, at

‘Final piece of the jigsaw’, 3rd April 2007, at

‘Culture minister to visit Roman circus’, 25th June 2008, at

‘Colchester: Roman circus to be sold alongside sergeant’s mess’, 20th February 2009, at

‘Roman Circus Lotto bid fails’, 6th April 2009, at

‘Colchester: Town must make more of its Roman circus’, 27th June 2009, at

‘Builder backs preservation of Roman circus’, 2nd July 2009, at

‘Can town finally cash in on its Roman past with a visitor centre?’, 20th August 2009, at

‘Colchester: Plans to identify the site of Roman circus’, 13th September 2009, at

‘Roman chariot find needs £200,000 to secure centre dream’, 10th October 2009, at

‘Appeal to save Colchester’s Roman arena’, 5th December 2009, at

‘Colchester Roman Circus appeal gets boost’, 14th December 2009, at

‘Colchester: Roman Circus campaign picks up steam’, 9th January 2010, at

‘Join Gazette campaign and help us save Colchester’s Roman circus’, 13th January 2010, at

‘Colchester: Ambitious plans for the Roman Circus’, 15th January 2010, at

‘First victory in battle to save Roman circus’, 15th January 20??, at

‘Lovers could help to save Roman circus’, 19th January 2010, at

‘Save Colchester Circus: Rescue backs the campaign’, 23rd January 2010, at

‘Feast rasies funds for Colchester Roman Circus appeal’, 1st February 2010, at

‘Colchester: Roman circus supporters back appeal to the hilt’, 3rd February 2010, at

‘Talk to boost Roman circus’, 5th February 2010, at

‘Colchester: Roman Circus wins backing from world-renown expert’, 6th February 2010, at

‘Ben Hur in Colchester? Race is on to save UK’s only Roman chariot racetrack’, 7th February 2010, at

‘BBC’s One Show backs Colchester Roman Circus appeal’, 10th February 2010, at

‘There are 12 days to save Roman circus’, 16th February 2010, at

‘Townsfolk join the campaign to save Roman circus’, 22nd February 2010, at

‘Roman circus appeal is really close to its £200,000 target’, 26th February 2010, at

‘Campaigners hit £200,000 target to save Colchester’s Roman circus’, 28th February 2010, at

‘Colchester Roman Circus Success’, at

‘Roman Circus “will be fantastic”‘, 4th March 2010, at

‘Odeon lends support to Colchester’s Roman circus bid’, 24th March 2010, at

‘Roman Circus success is moving closer’, 12th April 2010, at

‘Colchester: British Museum to correct Roman Circus slip-up’, 16th April 2010, at

‘Circus centre boost as mortgage deal is agreed’, 6th May 2010, at

‘Colchester Roman circus plan ‘is on target’ – despite setback’, 13th August 2010, at

‘Wanted: Volunteers to help clear Roman circus grounds’, 18th August 2010, at

‘Roman circus fundraiser brands plan ‘a betrayal’, 30th September 2010, at

‘Colchester: BBC visits Roman circus’, 8th October 2010, at

‘Thankyou to Colchester Roman Circus supporters’, 15th October 2010, at

‘Roman circus scheme approved, but it must be better for visitors’, 26th October 2010, at

‘Huge setback for Colchester Roman circus appeal’, 9th December 2010, at

‘A lifeline for Colchester Roman Circus?’, 15th December 2010, at

‘Plans for Roman circus attraction are revealed’, 5th January 2011, at

‘Colchester’s Roman past ~ looking to the future’, 26th January 2011, at

‘Planning application for Colchester’s Roman history centre submitted’, 21st April 2011, at

‘Colchester: Roman circus plans set to go in’, 12th August 2011, at

‘Alternative plan for Colchester Roman circus centre’, 1st December 2010, at

‘Roman circus site may open next summer’, 16th December 2011, at

‘Colchester Roman circus visitor centre a step closer’, by BBC, 14th May 2012, at

‘Roman history all set to be revealed’, 19th June 2012, at

‘Colchester Roman circus site and centre: open to the public’, 10th September 2013, at

‘Let’s shout about the positives of our town’, 29th November 2013, at

‘Roman gardens come alive’, 14th March 2015, at

‘Site of country’s only known Roman chariot racing track, the Roman circus centre, is ready for summer opening’, 11th April 2017, at


Historic Colchester

‘Archaeological dig which has cast doubt on Colchester’s historic claim’, 23rd July 2009, at

‘Celebrating the treasure chest that is Colchester’s history’ in ECS, 31st May 2010, at

‘Give me some volunteers and we’ll repair Colchester Castle’, 15th May 2011, at

‘Heritage open days give visitors an insight into historic Colchester’, 11th September 2012, at



‘Shades of Ben Hur as Roman circus site revealed’, 11th November 1998, at

‘Colchester: Can Humpty Dumpty have a great find?’, 14th September 2008, at

‘Experts dismiss legend…but could tale of Colchester’s tunnels be true?’, 1st January 2010, at

‘St John’s Orthodox Church plans memorial for fallen soldiers’, 4th May 2010, at

‘Colchester Castle Museum celebrates its 150th birthday as a museum’, 2nd October 2010, at

‘New Castle Park playground will be ready by Easter’, 8th January 2011, at

‘Braintree district: Award for Marks Hall’, 28th July 2012, at

‘Join archaeologists at Marks Hall near Coggeshall’, 31st August 2012, at

‘Record number turns out for New Year’s Day walk’, 1st January 2013, at

‘Colchester: Town’s bid to preserve historical sites including Roman cemetery, castle and military camp’, 19th April 2014, at


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