Abbey church find – come visit!

There will be an opportunity for you to see the newly-discovered remains of the great abbey church of St John’s. If you are interested, all you have to do is turn up on site between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm this coming Sunday (27th February) when members of CAT will be on hand to explain what can be seen.

The abbey church was laid out in 1095 and completed in 1115. Most of it was demolished in the 16th century following the Disssolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. The only part to survive, the central tower, met the same fate the following century. Nothing more was seen of church until some of the remains of the nave were discovered last week during some exploratory archaeological excavations. The investigation was taking place on the site of the Officer’s Club house which was burnt to the ground last year.

The purpose of the excavation is find out the best way to build the new club house without damaging the remains underneath. In this way, they can be preserved for future generations while, at the same time, providing us with a chance to find out more the monastery and its buildings. The work is being funded by the Officers’ Club.

The archaelogical trenches will be backfilled early next week so this will be the only opportunity for you to see the remains before they are reburied again prior to the rebuilding works.

Please note there will be no car parking available on Sunday. Entry by foot is via St John’s Abbey gateway on St John’s Green.