An Iron Age fairytale castle – reinterpreting the boundaries of Camulodunum

ONLINE TALK on May 20, 2021 at 19:30 – 20:30,  £5

Dykes – what were they really for? Were Camulodunum’s large earthworks solely defensive, or did they serve another purpose?

David Grocott sees the defensive role of the large linear earthworks as separate to a more significant political function to the dykes as the Trinovantian chiefs struggled to control relations with the materially far richer Romans after Caesar’s conquest of Gaul.

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This talk will link to David’s experience at Durham University where he completed his undergraduate degree in Archaeology with mentor and Roman Britain specialist Martin Millet. David’s dissertation at Durham centred on the ethnographic comparisons to the territorial Oppida of the later Pre-Roman Iron Age in southern Britain – such as Camulodunum – and what these comparison sites can reveal about the potential legal function of Oppida that were deliberately separated from the landscape.

This Zoom talk is fully illustrated and David invites questions in advance and on the night. 

David Grocott and son