New direction for circus

We are contacting as many of our donors as possible by letter or email to ask if they would agree to their donation being used to buy, not the Sergeants’ Mess as originally planned, but the building immediately next to it known as the former Army Education Centre building. Donors are being offered a refund if they do want to support this change of direction in our plans. We have done this because we have had to give up our bid to buy the Sergeants’ Mess. We tried very hard to make the project work but in the end the problems were too intractable for us to overcome.

However, the great news is that the Education Centre building will do the job, and it will do it very well. With the Education Centre building, we will still have a permanent focal point for interpretation next to the site of the Roman circus. And consequently the building will help ensure that the circus is developed in a significant and meaningful way over the years to come as a major, nationally-important monument for the town.