Experienced model-makers urgently needed.

Roman Colchester 200 CE

Experienced model-makers are urgently needed for an exciting project.

We’re building a model of Roman Colchester of the year 200 CE. You will be able to see the streets, the houses, the town wall and lots of buildings that we know about such as the Roman Circus, the theatre and the Temple of Claudius. The model will look a bit like this Peter Froste painting of the town but square.

The main base has been modelled and contoured. The Circus and the Temple of Claudius with colonnade have been made. We now need help to make all the other features. Due to the intricate and delicate nature of the task, we would like volunteers who have done this sort of thing before.

Please call Philip Crummy on 01206 501785 or use the How to get in touch link for more details.

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