What our visitors told us in 2018

We are always pleased to get feedback from our visitors so we offer them forms to fill in if they want to. This is what they told us this year. Nothing here omitted, added or edited!

As usual, the lack of decent signage was highlighted by our visitors as the negative point and the consequent difficulty some of them had in finding us.  From the very beginning, we have been trying hard to tackle this problem but unfortunately this is something which is beyond our control and therefore remains difficult to solve. We’re not beaten yet though…!


Customer feedback forms: year 2018
Number of stars 1 2 3 4 5 star rating  
Ease of finding us 27 20 28 11 43 3.2  
Parking 6 9 9 23 48 4.0  
Gardens 6 8 18 33 46 3.9  
Displays 3 2 7 26 53 4.4  
Accessibility 2   10 28 71 4.5  
Tea Room – Friendliness 3   5 20 97 4.7  
Tea Room – Speed of Service 2 4 6 22 91 4.6  
Tea Room – Menu on Offer 2 3 6 35 76 4.5  
Tea Room – Quality of Food 3 1 6 24 89 4.6  
        Yes No
Will you visit us again?       108 5
“pleasant little place, thank you”
“delicious food, it was very nice”
“would love cafe to stay open all year round as we love coming here”
“very good value”
“lovely food, great choice, very friendly staff”
“best chocolate cake I’ve tasted”
“worth trying to find, especially the tea room”
“once here I was very impressed”
“chocolate cake with smarties please”
“bike racks would be nice”
“good quality food at good prices”
“very friendly staff”
“love the history, will be coming back every week”
“well done tea bar staff”
“excellent exhibition”
“a great job of preserving as much as you can”
“excellent display”
“Peter Froste Exhibition is fantastic”
“paninis very nice”
“respect & kindness shown from waitress”
“delightful exhibition”
“tea room nice & friendly atmosphere & service, tasty too”
“new guy was very pleasant young man”
“will definitely tell relatives & friends what a pleasant & clearly informative place this is”
“your spacious cool rooms are a big attraction on this hot day”
“lovely place, an undiscovered gem”
“excellent value for money on the special of the day – tea cake”
“it was perfect”
“I always come here with visitors”
“If I could give you a 6 I would”
“once here, brilliant, thank you”
“very enjoyable, excellent”
“a very interesting & important site”
“whenever I come here the staff seem so nice”
“previously visited in 2016 & impressed with updates”
“great veg options”
“love how informative the displays are”
“video displays are great”
“would love to stay longer”
“very informative & enjoyable display”
“peaceful atmosphere”
“this is a great local venue”
“we love the model area, playmobil & cafe”
“such a fabulous resource”
“really enjoyed visit, so interesting”
“it’s brilliant”