good news – we have extended our archaeological art exhibition until the 30th June!








The Trust is delighted to announce that ‘Reconstructing Colchester’s past’, our archaeological art exhibition of the work of Peter Froste, has now been extended until the 30th June. We opened the exhibition on the 27th March ’18, on the same day that we re-opened the Colchester Roman circus visitor centre for the summer season. The art exhibition was scheduled to run until the 28th April but, due to its success and the very positive response of our visitors, we have decided to extend it until the 30th June.

The exhibition includes Peter’s design for our modern Roman circus mosaic, which is now on permanent display at the Roman circus visitor centre.  The series of paintings which are published in our popular book ‘City of Victory – the story of Colchester, Britain’s first Roman town’, form a large part of the exhibition: these are detailed reconstruction paintings of Roman Colchester based on actual archaeological evidence produced by the Trust from excavations in the town. The exhibition covers Peter’s work with the Trust from the 1970s up to the present day, with his most recent painting, which is the centrepiece of the exhibition, and is a large scene representing the submission of native British tribal leaders to the Roman emperor Claudius at Gosbecks near Colchester in AD 43.













You can read a review of the exhibition on the Daily Gazette/Essex County Standard web-site at .

*** Some great comments from our exhibition visitors’ book:
‘An amazing exhibition’ (24th April)
‘Fascinating stuff. Congratulations to you all and thank you’ (24th April)
‘A very informative exhibition. It has left me wanting to visit more sights of Colchester’s history’ (24th April)
‘Fantastic display’ (25th April)
‘We loved it. Very talented artist’ (28th April).

The exhibition is open from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, Tuesday-Saturday. Admission to the Roman circus visitor centre is free, but we ask for £1 per person for admission to the art exhibition (this contributes towards the cost of presenting the exhibition and it includes an exhibition catalogue).

Thanks to all our visitors and customers for your interest in and support of the Roman circus visitor centre and tea room, and our archaeological art exhibition. Thank you, as well, for signing our visitors’ book and for your great comments!
We look forward to seeing you!

The images show the Roman circus in its heyday (above, at the top), and (above, in the middle) a view of part of the exhibition with the painting of the submission of tribal leaders to the emperor Claudius; and (below), the front of our exhibition catalogue. which features a painting by Peter Froste of the Trust’s excavation team at work on our site at the Fenwick store in Colchester High Street in 2014, where we excavated the famous Roman hoard, the ‘Fenwick treasure’.


Exhibition details on this web-site at .