all welcome at the big ‘tea and talks’ event on Saturday 17th February!

On Saturday 17th February ’18, the Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust (FCAT) will be hosting a big ‘tea and talks’ event at Lion Walk Congregational Church in Colchester. This is a long-established and popular annual event. Trust archaeologists will present brief illustrated talks on some of our recent projects (from 2017), followed by tea/coffee and home-made cakes, when the archaeologists will mingle and chat!

This year, the illustrated talks will be as follows:
*** Trust pottery specialist Steve Benfield will discuss the very interesting Neolithic pottery (‘Fengate ware’) from a site at Frating near Colchester. ‘Fengate ware’ is thought to date to the later 4th millennium to the mid 3rd millennium (about 3,500-2,500 BC).

*** Trust director Philip Crummy will talk about our archaeological evaluation at the former Arena Club site in Colchester, and the remarkable remains of the Roman circus which we uncovered, including evidence of a public entranceway into the building, and the Roman horse-hoof bone which we excavated there. He will also present his plans for the Roman circus visitor centre. We think that the Colchester Roman circus was built in the early 2nd century AD and was in use as a venue for chariot-racing until the end of the 3rd century.

*** Trust senior archaeologist Howard Brooks will talk about the interesting Roman town of Great Chesterford near Saffron Walden in Essex, where we have conducted several recent fieldwork projects. Great Chesterford is the site of a Roman military fort and Roman town – the fort may have been the earliest in Britain and date to AD 43, the year of the Roman invasion.

*** Howard will also talk about our archaeological evaluation on a residential-development site to the north of Colchester town centre – ‘Chesterwell’ – where we uncovered the remains of a medieval tile kiln. The kiln was part of Colchester’s principal medieval pottery- and tile-production site.

*** Trust archaeologist Laura Pooley will talk about the archaeology of charcoal-burning across several recent Trust sites in Colchester. Charcoal has been produced for thousands of years and is an important element in the production of iron, bronze, zinc, copper, lead, silver and gold, glass, and even gunpowder, and for domestic cooking and heating, while tar and pitch were charcoal by-products.


All welcome – and we look forward to seeing you!

2.00-5.00 pm.
Admission is free for FCAT members and £2.00 per person for non-members.
The venue is on the first floor but it is wheelchair-accessible. The postcode of the venue is CO1 1LX.
Look for the surviving church spire in Lion Walk – the main entrance of the venue is between the Costa coffee shop and the River Island clothes shop (the lift is accessed by a door next to the Body Shop).

Visit the FCAT web-site at .

The images show last year’s event.