Colchester Young Archaeologists’ February meeting

On Saturday (25th February), 20 members of the Colchester Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) met here at the Roman circus centre for their monthly meeting.

Colchester YAC organiser Barbara Butler writes: ‘… We were pleased to welcome three new members at the meeting. We were also delighted that Trust archaeologist Adam Wightman was able to return, at the beginning of the meeting, to identify some of our own finds. These included a flint tool and a “kryptonite” ball or slingshot or poo. YAC leader and ASE archaeologist Kate Clover organised the Young Archaeologists as a human time-line marking significant events in history and ancient history. After much changing of places, the Young Archaeologists managed to arrange themselves in the right order from Neanderthals to the 21st century!

Trust and YAC volunteer Gillian Brown showed the young people some fragments of ancient pots. After this, we discovered how difficult it might be to have to make everything for ourselves, as ancient peoples did. Sue Hutson instructed the Young Archaeologists in wool-combing and spinning, a skill which we recognised would take some time to acquire… David Townend of the CAG (Colchester Archaeological Group) brought in some clay and showed us how to make pots by hand and on a wheel. One of the Young Archaeologists had spun enough wool to be able to take it home, and most of us had created some fine pots and models in clay to take home with us …’.

The next YAC meeting will be in March.

The images show: the human time-line; Sue Hutson leading the wool-combing and spinning; and David Townend explaining and demonstrating the principles of making clay pots.


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If you are aged under 17 and interested in joining the Young Archaeologists’ Club in Colchester, then please contact Barbara Butler on 07808 968766 or at barbara[at] or Barbara Butler, Colchester YAC Branch, c/o the Colchester Archaeological Trust, Roman Circus House, Roman Circus Walk, Colchester, Essex CO2 7GZ.

The National Young Archaeologists’ Club web-site is at .