An invitation to play an ancient Colchester game

You are invited to play the ancient board game of Aquila, Saturday 5th September 2015 at the Roman Circus Centre between 10am and 2pm. The event is free, as is entry to the Roman Circus Centre. Based upon an interpretation of an ancient 2000-year-old game discovered in Stanway by the Colchester Archaeological Trust in 1996, this is a simple to learn and addictive strategy game once played by the ancient rulers and warriors of Colchester in the time of Cunobelin and the Roman emperors.

Alex Jones invented a set of playable rules based upon an interpretation of the archaeological find in the Doctor’s Grave in Stanway and his research into a Celtic game called Fidchell, which he believes is the same game as found in Colchester. Alex has also built the boards that will be available to the public to play the game. He will be there on the day to explain the rules.

The event is restricted to those aged ten and upwards because of the small pieces involved. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The event is an opportunity to learn and play the game, with the possibility if there is sufficient interest of further regular opportunities to enjoy the playing of this ancient Colchester game.

The centre and café will be open as usual. No advance booking is needed.

Below: one of Alex’s new boards.