Circus goes to the Carnival!

The famous Roman charioteer Polydus (well actually Ben Holloway) made a special appearance at the Colchester Carnival Fun Day last Saturday. This was the first time for many years (well actually about 1,800 of them). He seemed happy enough considering how long its been but he seemed to miss his horses.

Visitors to the CAT stall were able to find out how things were going with the development of the Roman circus and its interpretation centre. Our replica chariot was there as was a model of the circus made by Mervin Haridence. And CAT archaeologists were on hand to answer any questions about the project.

The stall was in the Upper Castle Park and was sited immediately on top of one of the grills covering the Roman brick drain which runs underneath much of the park. The spot was carefully chosen by the carnival organisers because this where Colchester’s glass bead was to be displayed until presented in a wheel barrow by the Town Crier later in the day to alien Marina Mightier.

When given to the unearthly visitor, the giant glass bead inexplicably exploded and broke up into many pieces. But, much to everybody’s relief and surprise, the bead soon re-emerged from its box completely unharmed. Quite a miracle! (In case you don’t know, Marina Mightier is to compete with Boreas Zephyr for the title of ’2012 Champion of the Glass Bead Game’ in Chelmsford on Friday.)