Volunteers start work on the new circus interpretation centre

Last weekend, volunteers got stuck into turning the former Army Education Centre near the Abbey Field into a visitor centre for the Roman circus and a permanent base for the Colchester Archaeological Trust. There is a huge amount to do in the garden and in the building itself. The garden was very overgrown having been neglected for something like five years. Even getting to the front door was beginning to be a bit of a challenge. Inside the building things were much worse since it had been had been badly damaged by a bad flood several years ago. Peeling paint all over the place. Damaged mouldy plaster on some of the walls. However, by the end of the two days, the improvements were dramatic and a testament to the hard work put in by the thirty or so volunteers who had helped.
However, it’s a big job and there is masses still to do. More sessions are planned so there is plenty to do for people willing and able to lend a hand in the garden or carry out some basic DIY tasks in the building such as stripping walls, painting, sweeping and removing thousands of awkward staples from the floors. Carpenters and plasters will be very welcome too.
We hope to organise sessions on Saturday (9.00am to 12.30pm) and Sunday mornings (10.00am to 1.00pm) very soon. If you want to volunteer, please ring the Trust on 01206 541051 or email ‘info’ followed by the symbol @ followed by ‘catuk.org’, all without spaces. We will be delighted to see you.