the Trust’s Council of Management: October meeting

On Wednesday (15th October), the Trust’s Council of Management held their quarterly meeting here at Roman Circus House.

The meeting was well attended and it was chaired by Council of Management chairman Nick Wickenden, assisted by company secretary John Mallinson. Trust director Philip Crummy reported to the Council of Management on the Trust’s work since the previous meeting, in April, and updated them on our plans for the circus centre. Trust senior archaeologist Howard Brooks took the minutes.

The Trust is a registered charity (no 283354), founded in 1963 to research into and promote the archaeology of Colchester. We are also a limited company (no 1578133) whose registered offices are at Roman Circus House. The Trust is made up of about 20 Trustees. Some are members in their own right, while others are representatives of archaeological and other bodies: for example, Nick Wickenden is Head of Museum Services at Chelmsford, John Mallinson is a member of the voluntary Colchester Archaeological Group, Andrew Phillips is the well-known Colchester historian, and Tom Hodgson works at Colchester Castle Museum. The management of the Trust is delegated to the Council of Management, which is elected from the Trustees. The Trust employs the full-time professional unit, available to provide developers and others with a full range of archaeological services required by local authorities to fulfil the conditions attached to planning applications or planning consents. The Trust is also a registered archaeological organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA).

The Colchester Archaeological Trust has been working in the construction industry for over 40 years. Our operational area is primarily Essex and Suffolk, and we are the specialists in the archaeology of Colchester. We provide a full range of services, from consultancy and desk-based assessments, through fieldwork and building recording projects to ‘post-ex’, including the processing of finds and the writing of final reports.

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