the ‘Fenwick treasure’ now in “Current Archaeology” magazine

Yesterday (7th October), the November issue of the Current Archaeology magazine (no 296) was delivered to Roman Circus House for our delight. A note about the ‘Fenwick treasure’ – the remarkable hoard of gold and silver Roman jewellery which the Trust recently found at the Williams & Griffin store in Colchester – is included in the ‘News’ section of the magazine, on pages 6-7 . The note is titled ‘Colchester cache: hidden from Boudicca’ and it includes a photo. of the treasure. The treasure was found under the floor of a building which was destroyed during the Boudican revolt of AD 61, when native Britons rebelled against the Roman occupation of Britain and burnt the Roman town of Colchester to the ground. The inhabitants of the town were massacred. The Trust also found some human bones at the Williams & Griffin store which date to the Boudican revolt: an item about the bones was published in Current Archaeology no 294. This issue of the magazine also includes a feature on the London Temple of Mithras which has been in the news recently.

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The image shows the front cover of the current issue of the magazine.