Latest ‘The Colchester Archaeologist’

If you enjoy reading this website and want to find out more, you should consider buying the latest edition of The Colchester Archaeologist (number 24). Here you will find out more about the various  interesting and significant discoveries made by CAT over the last year. Topics covered include the warrior burials, the roundhouses and the Roman coin hoard from the Meeanee and Hyderabad site, St John’s Abbey church, a Neolithic causewayed enclosure in Suffolk and much more. If you are a member of the Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust, you will have already received your copy as part of your membership. Otherwise you have three choices open to you: a) buy one in the various outlets were it is available in Colchester town centre (Red Lion Books, the Castle Museum, the Tourist Information Centre and Waterstones), b) join the Friends of CAT or c) order a copy by the post from the Colchester Arcaheological Trust direct (12 Lexden Road, Colchester, CO3 3NF; £4.00 including postage, UK only).

* Colchester’s biggest church discovered: the church of the hanged abbot John Beche
* Walter of Colchester: a monk from St John’s Abbey who made waves elsewhere
* Garrison roundup: review of productive excavations at the former Colchester garrison
* Warrior burials and the coming of the English: spearheads and shields in the 5th-century graves
* In the days before banks: 1,200 Roman coins in a pot
* Round-houses: but who lived in them?
* Circus latest: we’re getting there!
* Neolithic monument in Suffolk: productive visits to the site of an ancient ’causewayed camp’
* An Ossian connection in Essex: basalt blocks provide a link with the mythical bard of Scotland
* Bronze Age barrows at the University of Essex: rare group of upstanding burial mounds in Essex
* St Clare Road’s hidden past: more burials close to Camulodunum’s earliest cemetery
* Moving the boundaries: keeping pedestrians safe at St Leonard’s church
* Spoil heap: roundup of archaeological investigations over the last year
* Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust: last year’s trips and events
* The great dust fall of 1903?