Colchester’s Boudican revolt human remains in national press

Yesterday (8th July), the Trust’s amazing find of human remains in the Boudican destruction debris on our site in the Williams & Griffin store at Colchester was reported on in the national press, on the web-site of the Daily Mail. The item is titled ‘Is this one of Queen Boudicca’s victims? “Extremely rare” jawbone found among burnt debris under a department store in Essex’. The item is illustrated with our photo. of the human jawbone during excavation, and also images of Boudica and a sketch map of Iron Age/Roman Britain.

In AD 61, the native Iron Age Britons revolted against the Roman occupation of Britain, and razed the major Roman towns at Colchester, London and St Albans. Roman historians stated that the Britons also massacred these towns’ inhabitants; however, it is extremely rare to find human remains in the Boudican destruction material of the three towns. The discovery of the jawbone and tibia which we have excavated at the Williams & Griffin store is only the second time that we have found human remains dating to the Boudican revolt in Colchester. The revolt of AD 61 was brutally suppressed by the Roman army and Britain remained part of the Roman empire.

The Trust’s excavations at the Williams & Griffin store are being funded by Fenwick Ltd.

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The discovery of the Boudican revolt human remains was also reported on by the BBC News, in an item titled ‘”Boudicca bones” found under Colchester department store’, on the 7th July at