welcome to the Roman circus! – circus centre and cafe re-open tomorrow, 5th July

Today (4th July), the Trust was reported on twice in the Essex County Standard. On page 17, the item titled ‘Historic horror find’ is about the human jawbone which we discovered last week during our excavation at the Williams & Griffin store in the High Street at Colchester; the jawbone was found in destruction debris dating to the Boudican or native revolt against the occupying Roman army in AD 61. (The ‘Historic horror’ was also reported on in the Gazette on Wednesday.) On page 42 of the ECS today, the item titled ‘Roman arena to open its gates’ is about our re-opening of the circus centre and cafe, and our opening of the garden of the former Sergeants’ Mess to visitors – the garden includes our recently-completed reconstruction of the stumps of the starting-gates and central gateway of the circus.

Tomorrow (5th July), we are re-opening the circus centre and its cafe, which is now being run by Sandy. You can come to the circus and walk some of the outline of the site of the circus, see the reconstructed stumps of the starting-gates and the actual remains of part of the circus, and enjoy a visit to our cafe or just sit in our garden with its array of mature trees. In the circus centre, you can look at our displays, which are still under development but which include our brand-new circus super-model, a video of the 3d-modelled circus, and a replica chariot with horses.

The Roman circus site, circus centre and cafe are open Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-4.30pm, from the 5th July until the 30th September. Entry is free.

We look forward to seeing you!

The images show the circus super-model with the 3d-modelled circus at the centre today, and the stumps of the starting-gates with Roman Circus House just visible behind the trees.