Colchester Young Archaeologists’ Club February meeting: medieval mayhem!

                                      The Colchester Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) met on Saturday 17th for their February meeting here at the Roman circus visitor centre. Colchester YAC organiser Barbara Butler writes: ‘… Colchester YAC enjoyed a medieval session at the Roman circus visitor centre on the 17th. We started by telling each other what we liked about the medieval period and then what we disliked… A horror of plague, lack of sanitation, lack of technology, lack of transport and weird remedies headed the list of [read more…]


‘tea and talks’ 2018: ‘a good time was had by all’

                    On Saturday (17th February), Trust archaeologists took part in the big ‘tea and talks’ event presented by the Friends of Colchester Archaeological Trust (FCAT) at Lion Walk Church in Colchester town centre. The event was open to FCAT members and members of the public and it was well attended, as usual. This is the chance for the Trust to tell people about some of our projects from the previous year. Trust director Philip, Trust archaeologists Howard Brooks and Laura Pooley, and Trust pottery specialist Steve Benfield presented short illustrated talks [read more…]


very interesting results from a recent site to the north of Colchester

  On the 20th November ’17, the Trust began an archaeological evaluation on a large site to the north of Colchester. Interestingly, we completed the fieldwork on the 20th December! The site also produced some very interesting results… The evaluation trenching followed by excavation of exposed features revealed a large number of small shallow pits, each containing a charcoal-rich fill but few finds. As the pits show evidence of wood having been burned in them, we have called them ‘fire-pits’. The few finds from the site include part of a Roman pottery vessel, six post-medieval gun-flints, and a modern US [read more…]


all welcome at the big ‘tea and talks’ event on Saturday 17th February!

On Saturday 17th February ’18, the Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust (FCAT) will be hosting a big ‘tea and talks’ event at Lion Walk Congregational Church in Colchester. This is a long-established and popular annual event. Trust archaeologists will present brief illustrated talks on some of our recent projects (from 2017), followed by tea/coffee and home-made cakes, when the archaeologists will mingle and chat! This year, the illustrated talks will be as follows: *** Trust pottery specialist Steve Benfield will discuss the very interesting Neolithic pottery (‘Fengate ware’) from a site at Frating near Colchester. ‘Fengate ware’ is thought [read more…]