big annual ‘tea and talks’ by Colchester Archaeological Trust archaeologists


Lion Walk, Colchester, Essex

hosted by the Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust (FCAT)

From 2.00 pm until 5.00 pm

At Lion Walk Congregational Church

Lion Walk, Colchester, Essex

free for FCAT members; £2.00 per person for non-members

FCAT have been hosting the annual afternoon of 'tea and talks' for many years and it is always popular with FCAT members and members of the public. Trust archaeologists present illustrated talks on some of our recent (2017) projects, followed by tea/coffee and home-made cakes, when the archaeologists will mingle and chat!

This year, Trust director Philip Crummy will talk about our archaeological evaluation at the former Arena Club site in Colchester, the remains of the Roman circus which we uncovered, including evidence of a public entranceway into the building, and the Roman horse-hoof bone which we excavated there, plus his plans for the Roman circus visitor centre.
Trust senior archaeologist Howard Brooks will talk about our archaeological evaluation on a residential-development site to the north of Colchester town centre, where we uncovered the remains of a medieval tile kiln, and also about the Roman town of Great Chesterford in Essex.
Trust pottery specialist Steve Benfield will discuss the Neolithic pottery from our site at Frating near Colchester. Trust archaeologist Laura Pooley will talk about the archaeology of charcoal-burning across several recent Trust sites.

Admission is free for FCAT members; £2.00 per person for non-members.

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The image shows our 2017 'tea and talks' event as the audience were still coming in before the start.



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