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a timeline of Colchester’s Roman circus

Today (29th December), some of the Trust’s staff were back at work here at Roman Circus House after the Christmas break… As most people are still on their break until after the New Year, and the Roman circus centre is closed until the 4th January, it was very quiet outside, so we took the opportunity […]

more mortar: some fascinating fragments of the Roman circus

Today (4th November), Trust volunteer Jane was cleaning some large fragments of Roman mortar here at Roman Circus House. The fragments are of a special hard-wearing, waterproof mortar – opus signinum – which is pinkish in colour because it was made of lime mortar which included tiny fragments and powder from crushed brick and tile. […]

a very interesting fragment of brick from the Roman circus!

Yesterday (6th October), the Trust’s pottery specialist Stephen Benfield identified a very interesting fragment of Roman brick in one of the crates of archaeological material which has been brought to Roman Circus House for processing. These crates are from our current site at the Flagstaff House complex of buildings in the old garrison, not far […]

more of the Roman circus at Flagstaff House

We are currently still conducting an excavation on a site at the Flagstaff House complex, in the old garrison at Colchester and just up the road from our building, Roman Circus House. This is a very limited excavation: we are excavating the service trench for the new residential development at Flagstaff House across the site […]

latest photo. of Roman circus remains

The Trust is currently investigating a site at the Flagstaff House complex of buildings, within the old garrison at Colchester, and just up the road from our building – Roman Circus House – and the Roman circus centre. The site is so important and interesting that Trust director Philip has made several site visits this […]

Roman circus foundations uncovered at Flagstaff House

On Tuesday (21st July), the Trust began an excavation at the Flagstaff House complex of buildings on Napier Road, within the old garrison at Colchester and just up the road from Roman Circus House. The Flagstaff House complex used to be the HQ of the garrison’s commanding officers and of the British Army’s Eastern District. […]

Ludi Victoriae Caesaris at the Circus Maximus (and maybe Colchester!)

The ‘Ludi Victoriae Caesaris’ or ‘Ludi Veneris Genetricis’ were ludi circenses (games in the Roman circus) and they were presented in the Circus Maximus in Rome from 46 BC. The first of these Ludi were actually held on the 26th September in 46 BC but, from 45 BC, they began on the 20th July (yesterday) […]

Martin Newell revisits the Roman circus

Today (22nd April), well-known Wivenhoe poet and performer Martin Newell revisited the Roman circus centre. He came to our opening day on the 28th March, met our Boudicca re-enactor and had a nice cup of tea in our cafe. He then wrote a great review of the opening day and the circus centre, site and […]

Roman circus centre and site – successful opening day!

On Saturday (28th March), we held our opening day for the Roman circus centre and site here at Roman Circus House. We think that it was very successful! The opening day was attended by a special guest, Boudicca of the Iceni, who arrived in a chariot drawn by two Trust archaeologists. She presided over the […]

some images from the Roman circus centre and site opening day

Here are some images from the Trust’s opening day at Colchester Roman circus centre and site, yesterday (28th March). Many thanks to everyone who helped or contributed and to all our visitors for coming along! The images show Boudicca arriving in a replica Iron Age chariot drawn by Trust archaeologists; visitors at the opening ceremony; […]

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