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ifs and buts: extraordinary buttresses of Roman circus!

Today (9th December), Trust director Philip Crummy was working at Roman Circus House on the plan of Colchester’s Roman circus. The Trust has recently been excavating part of the site of the circus in front of our building and produced more evidence about the pattern of buttresses around the cavea (seating-stand) external wall. The circus […]

really remarkable finds: spearheads from Playgolf Colchester

Yesterday (13th September), a photographer from the Colchester Gazette came to Roman Circus House to photograph Trust archaeologist Don Shimmin with some of his finds from Playgolf Colchester. Yesterday the focus was on five corroded iron artefacts which have just been identified as spearheads or lanceheads. These have been X-rayed by the Colchester Museum Service […]

two important archaeological discoveries in one day!

On Friday (26th July), the Trust had an exciting day – we made not one, but two, important discoveries! These were also on two different sites. Friday was the annual Day of Archaeology which, in the UK, is part of the two-week-long Festival of Archaeology, so it was very appropriate (and amazing) that we should […]

evaluation at St Helena School completed: Roman temple precinct

Yesterday (11th April), the Trust completed the archaeological evaluation at St Helena School in Colchester which we began the day before. The evaluation consisted of one trench, but then English Heritage – who supervised the project – required us to excavate a second trench to extend the investigation over a wider area. During the evaluation […]

Roman site of burials, quarry-pit and settlement?

On Friday (22nd February), the Trust finished our excavation on the site of the new school building in the former garrison. This building will form part of the St John’s Green Primary School at St John’s Green. The site is within the Roman cemetery area of the former garrison and it included two burial plots, and the […]

extraordinary ‘bustum’ burial excavated in Colchester

On Monday (4th February), there was great excitement at the Trust when an extraordinary bustum or pyre burial was excavated on one of our current sites. Bustum burials are a special kind of burial. They are very rare but we have found several on the garrison site in Colchester in the past few years. What makes […]

Bronze Age pottery at Birch quarry

In November, the Trust produced a report on archaeological monitoring and excavation undertaken in August-September for an extension to Birch quarry, off the Maldon Road just outside Colchester. CAT Report 671 was written by Chris Lister. Only two features were recorded during the course of the work, ie a post-hole containing pottery sherds dated to […]

welcome to the NAAFI!

During the National Heritage Open Days 2012, on 8th-9th September, nearly 300 people visited Roman Circus House, the Trust’s new premises off Circular Road North in the old garrison. This building was formerly the Army Education Centre. It is a very interesting building, but we didn’t know much about its history or the functions of […]

Roman road at Colchester Royal Grammar School: August 2012

Two evaluation trenches were excavated by Adam Wightman of the Trust at the Colchester Royal Grammar School in August 2012, prior to the construction of a new performing arts block. The site is located to the west of Colchester town centre, immediately adjacent to and south of Lexden Road and within the grounds of the […]

?Trinovantian roundhouses force rethink

Camulodunum during the years leading up to the Roman conquest in AD 43 must have had a substantial population. This is obvious from its size and the discoveries over the years of contemporary burials and large quantities of broken pots and other artefacts. But there is a problem. We never seem to find any of […]

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