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the Roman circus visitor centre is now OPEN for the summer

                            ‘The greatest Roman archaeological discovery in Britain deserves to be a national tourist destination’ – from the Essex County Standard web-site, at (30th November 2016)   . The Colchester Roman circus visitor centre, site and tea room are now OPEN […]

four Monday afternoon talks: September here at the Roman circus visitor centre!

  The Trust is presenting a short programme of four illustrated public talks by Trust archaeologists here at the Roman circus visitor centre. The talks will take place on four Monday afternoons in September 2017: they will be held in the tea room of the visitor centre, which we convert into a lecture hall for […]

new book by Caroline Lawrence includes Colchester Roman circus!

‘Death in the arena’ is the new book of fiction by Caroline Lawrence. It was published in July ’17 by Orion Children’s Books and the Trust has been following it with interest. Caroline is a well-known children’s author who lives in London. Her new series of books – ‘The Roman quests’ – are set in […]

Colchester Roman circus visitor centre is a Children’s University Learning Destination

        The Colchester Archaeological Trust is delighted to say that the Colchester Roman circus site and visitor centre have been included in the Colchester Cultural Trail 2017 as a Learning Destination. The Cultural Trail is part of the¬†Essex Children’s University or CU (Colchester Campus) scheme for children in Essex during the school […]

the Trust investigates even more remains of the Roman circus

                      The week before last (the week of the 26th-30th June), the Trust was able to uncover and investigate even more remains of part of the Colchester Roman circus, during our very long-running watching brief on works at the Flagstaff House complex of buildings. This […]

new coffee house in Colchester displays remarkable Roman remains

Today (30th June), a new coffee house was opened near the east end of Colchester High Street – this is the Claudius Gateway. It is built over the remarkable exposed remains of the monumental Roman arcade which fronted the precinct of the Temple of Claudius. The Trust investigated and excavated the remains in 2012, 2014 […]

the Trust at Colchester Festival of Lifelong Learning – come and see us!

16+ or 60+ ? – learn something new! Come to the Colchester Festival of Lifelong Learning… . On Friday (30th June) and Saturday (1st July), the Trust will be presenting an information stall at the Festival of Lifelong Learning in Colchester. This is a great event in the Moot Hall of the Town Hall in […]

More on Shetland ponies and chariot racing

  The story about the interesting recent find of a small horse bone from the Roman circus has got in a bit of tangle. The bone points to an animal about the size of a medium to large Shetland pony. There is no reason to suppose that it actually was one. I only introduced the […]

remains of the Roman circus AND a remarkable find!

Remains of the Roman circus Today (16th June), the Trust will complete an archaeological evaluation on the site of the Arena Club within the old Colchester garrison. We began our fieldwork there on the 23rd May. During the evaluation, we uncovered further, well-preserved, remarkable remains of the Roman circus. These survive very close to the […]

Roman soldiers to return to Colchester – at the Roman circus visitor centre!

Nearly 2,000 years after their first definite visit to Colchester, the Roman army is returning! – and visiting the Roman circus visitor centre…¬† The famous Ermine Street Guard is a group of Roman army re-enactors and they will be here at the Roman circus centre for the weekend of the 10th-11th June. The Ermine Street […]

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