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About the Friends of CAT

The Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust has a membership of over 400. The purpose of the organisation is to keep interested members of the public in touch with the work of the Colchester Archaeological Trust in and around the historic town of Colchester. The Friends has its own website ( where you will find […]

Opening of the circus centre café deferred

The official opening of the café will be at around 1.00pm on Saturday 24th August, at the same time as the opening of the circus interpretation centre, after the unveiling of the plaque of the roll of honour at Roman Circus House. We had hoped to open the café in an informal way a week […]

Army helps with move to the Roman circus

Moving out from our home for the last thirty years will be no mean task. It’s a small building but it was crammed with archaeological evidence from lots of the most recent sites in the form of broken pottery sherds and ancient bones. Fortunately the army came to the rescue with the result that six […]

Volunteers start work on the new circus interpretation centre

Last weekend, volunteers got stuck into turning the former Army Education Centre near the Abbey Field into a visitor centre for the Roman circus and a permanent base for the Colchester Archaeological Trust. There is a huge amount to do in the garden and in the building itself. The garden was very overgrown having been […]

Deep dyke

The newly-discovered dyke at Hyderabad is a major one. We reached the bottom of our section through it and is about 3m deep which is almost as deep as they come. First Roman burial found on the site today. More are expected soon.

Major circus and burial report now online

It’s big – over 1400 pages long – but the report provides the details of nearly all the earliest of the archaeological excavations on the Colchester Garrison site. It includes hundreds of Roman burials and of course the Roman circus. You can download a copy from here: Accounts of all the preliminary trenching and […]

?Trinovantian roundhouses force rethink

Camulodunum during the years leading up to the Roman conquest in AD 43 must have had a substantial population. This is obvious from its size and the discoveries over the years of contemporary burials and large quantities of broken pots and other artefacts. But there is a problem. We never seem to find any of […]

Britain’s biggest Iron Age dyke system gets even bigger

Current excavations on the site of the former Hyderabad barracks have revealed what appears to be part of a defensive dyke. Camulodunum, the original Colchester, was protected by the largest complex of Late Iron Age and early Roman earthworks in the country. This latest discovery appears to be a previously unknown eastward extension to the […]

British Archaeology Awards

I was very flattered and pleased to read on the web a month or two ago that I was one of three people nominated for the Archaeologist of the Year award. Today I was at the Current Archaeology conference in the British Museum where the results were announced. Congratulations to all the award winners including […]

Braxted folly

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