Roman circus centre and cafe now closed for the winter »

From today (15th September), the Roman circus centre and cafe will be closed for the winter. We will re-open in April 2015. Thanks to all our visitors for coming and for your interest and enthusiasm, and we hope to see you all again next year!…

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great news for the Roman circus centre! »

walkway thumbnail

The Trust is delighted to announce that, on Friday (21st November), we received a very generous grant from the Essex Heritage Trust. We have already been given a generous grant by the Hervey Benham Trust and, on Friday, with the news of the grant from…

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the Trust uncovers temple precinct wall at St Helena School »

St H thumbnail z

On Monday (3rd November), we uncovered part of the foundation of the temple precinct wall at St Helena School in Colchester. Trust archaeologist Ben Holloway and excavator Emma are working on our site there, this week. The school stands on the site of a Romano-Celtic…

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the Trust finds another burnt human bone at Williams & Griffin… »

Yesterday (23rd October), an item was posted on the US Archaeology magazine web-site titled ’45,000-Year-Old Genome of Modern Human Sequenced’, and they Tweeted a link to the item today. The item is about the results produced in Germany by cells collected from the centre of…

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‘the Fenwick treasure’ reveals more gems… »

treasure thumbnail

This week, the Trust’s hoard of treasure from the Williams & Griffin store in the High Street at Colchester – ‘the Fenwick treasure’ – has been undergoing work in a laboratory. A conservator and an archaeologist have been working together to ‘excavate’ the treasure and…

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The Fenwick Treasure at Williams & Griffin! »

Jewellery being excavated

During the last week of the Trust’s excavation at the Williams & Griffin store in the High Street at Colchester, we discovered buried treasure… It was actually uncovered by Trust archaeologist Adam Wightman, who was the site supervisor. As he excavated the group of small…

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Heritage Open Day at Roman circus centre: Saturday 13th September »

.   In 2012, the Trust moved into our new premises, Roman Circus House at the site of the Roman circus in Colchester. Roman Circus House was built in 1937 as the Regimental Institute of the Artillery (Le Cateau) Barracks in Colchester garrison, and it…

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WW1 commemorative event »

You are invited to our WW1 commemorative event on Sunday 24th August.     .…

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our Roman circus super-model gets arena! »


On Wednesday (13th August), Trust volunteer Shirley was at Roman Circus House and working on the Roman circus super-model. Shirley made the circus model at…

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Roman circus super-model and re-opening of circus centre! »

Today (30th June), Trust volunteer Shirley and her husband John came to Roman Circus House and spent several hours working on the super-model of the…

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the circus super-model is looking great! »

Today (4th June), Trust volunteer Shirley brought the circus super-model to Roman Circus House. The super-model will be here for a few days, as it…

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Daniel Defoe: the Colchester connection

Daniel Defoe

                    Tubswick in Mile End, to the north of Colchester town centre, was a Grade II listed house dating…

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HG Wells and the Colchester connection

HG Wells with his wife Jane in c 1895

  The History of Mr Polly is an account of a disillusioned and bored shopkeeper in the clothing business whose little shop was located in the busy High…

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Survivor of the 1884 earthquake


The most destructive earthquake known in Britain happened at 9.18 am, on April 22nd 1884. In Colchester, it was just an ordinary bright sunlit morning. Then, in a…

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‘In the days before banks’ (about a Roman Colchester coin hoard) from “the Colchester Archaeologist” magazine no 24 in 2011

This feature was published in issue no 24 of the Colchester Archaeologist, the Trust’s magazine, in 2011. ‘… Garrison: In the days before banks It’s not every day…

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‘Toto’s pizzeria serves up a feast of archaeology’ from “the Colchester Archaeologist” magazine no 23 in 2010

The little strip of land between Museum Street and Cowdray Crescent where the War Memorial stands is an archaeological treasure trove. Here, buried beneath the shops and offices, lies precious remains of important monuments of Colchester’s Roman and Norman past.   These include a massive Roman foundation, over four metres wide, which carried a once impressive facade and a large monumental arch leading to the massive Temple of Claudius. These remains are exceptionally well preserved because they lie under the earthen bank of Colchester castle. But there is much more. Don Shimmin, who has been following recent building works in this important part of the historic town, explains how some puzzling fragments of foundation in Museum Street are likely to be part of a medieval barbicon – a defensive structure which helped protect the castle’s main entrance. The area around Museum Street and Castle…

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online gallery of our 2012 archaeological display

For the Heritage Open Weekend in September 2012, we set up a display of archaeological finds and materials in our large downstairs room at Roman Circus House. We…

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