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This is what our building looks like. Our map shows you how to get to Roman Circus House and the Roman circus site, circus centre and cafe. You can walk some of the outline of the site of the circus, look at the reconstructed stumps…

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Colchester: grand Roman arcade on a monumental scale »

Monumental arcade in front of Temple ofClaudius

It is rare to find the remains of the above-ground parts of Roman buildings in Colchester. Generally only the foundations of buildings survive and, even then, these more often than not have been partly or wholly dug up in the past to rob out the…

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Colchester: death by sword in Boudicca’s war? »

tibia end missing

The dramatic find just over a week ago of burnt human bone has turned out to be even more dramatic than first thought! Two bones were involved in the drama, one part of a jawbone (mandible) and the other the top part of a shinbone…

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welcome to the Roman circus! – circus centre and cafe re-open tomorrow, 5th July »

Today (4th July), the Trust was reported on twice in the Essex County Standard. On page 17, the item titled ‘Historic horror find’ is about the human jawbone which we discovered last week during our excavation at the Williams & Griffin store in the High…

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Gruesome reminders of a terrible tragedy »


Two bits of burnt and blackened human bone just found during our current archaeological investigations at Williams & Griffin site by Colchester High Street are very rare and gruesome reminders of what was probably the worst ever conflict to have taken place in Britain. This…

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remarkable Roman column discovered at 97 High Street »

column thumbnail

Yesterday (19th June), the Trust completed the first phase of our current evaluation on a development site to the rear of 97 High Street in Colchester town centre, within the Roman town wall. The evaluation is being undertaken by Trust archaeologist Don Shimmin, assisted by…

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two models: BBC TV crew filming at Roman circus centre »

Today (7th June), the Trust was delighted to welcome a film crew from BBC 1 to the Roman circus site and centre. The crew’s mission was to go behind the scenes for the TV series Inside Out South-East with English Heritage archaeologist Ben Robinson. Not…

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delightful find: ‘The history of the house that Jack built’ »

Today (30th May), we made a delightful find on the site which we are currently excavating within the footprint of the Williams & Griffin store in the High Street at Colchester, and where we started work last Friday. We excavated a 19th-century brick-lined pit, within…

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Forthcoming highlights

the circus super-model is looking great! »

Today (4th June), Trust volunteer Shirley brought the circus super-model to Roman Circus House. The super-model will be here for a few days, as it…

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welcome to the Roman circus! – stumps of starting-gates finished! »


Last Friday, the Trust finally finished building the ‘Roman’ stumps of the starting-gates and part of the seating-stand of the circus, in the garden of…

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great aerial photo. of Roman circus site! »

aerial thumbnail x

Yesterday (4th April), Gary Rowe of CrispAerial brought his mini helicopter to Roman Circus House to take some sample aerial photo.s of the north-west end…

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Daniel Defoe: the Colchester connection

Daniel Defoe

                    Tubswick in Mile End, to the north of Colchester town centre, was a Grade II listed house dating…

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HG Wells and the Colchester connection

HG Wells with his wife Jane in c 1895

  The History of Mr Polly is an account of a disillusioned and bored shopkeeper in the clothing business whose little shop was located in the busy High…

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Survivor of the 1884 earthquake


The most destructive earthquake known in Britain happened at 9.18 am, on April 22nd 1884. In Colchester, it was just an ordinary bright sunlit morning. Then, in a…

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‘In the days before banks’ (about a Roman Colchester coin hoard) from “the Colchester Archaeologist” magazine no 24 in 2011

This feature was published in issue no 24 of the Colchester Archaeologist, the Trust’s magazine, in 2011. ‘… Garrison: In the days before banks It’s not every day…

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‘Toto’s pizzeria serves up a feast of archaeology’ from “the Colchester Archaeologist” magazine no 23 in 2010

The little strip of land between Museum Street and Cowdray Crescent where the War Memorial stands is an archaeological treasure trove. Here, buried beneath the shops and offices, lies precious remains of important monuments of Colchester’s Roman and Norman past.   These include a massive Roman foundation, over four metres wide, which carried a once impressive facade and a large monumental arch leading to the massive Temple of Claudius. These remains are exceptionally well preserved because they lie under the earthen bank of Colchester castle. But there is much more. Don Shimmin, who has been following recent building works in this important part of the historic town, explains how some puzzling fragments of foundation in Museum Street are likely to be part of a medieval barbicon – a defensive structure which helped protect the castle’s main entrance. The area around Museum Street and Castle…

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online gallery of our 2012 archaeological display

For the Heritage Open Weekend in September 2012, we set up a display of archaeological finds and materials in our large downstairs room at Roman Circus House. We…

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